The 1941 – 1946 speedo plate was silver plated, but had a white/cream colour.

After silver plating it is printed black, leaving numbers, text and so on in a white/cream colour.

 The black paint goes down into curves of the square holes, the same should be with the army style.


Plates are in miles and km!



  We also have the army style speedometer plate.

The basic colour is cream and after that the green army colour was put on. These plates have t special numbers at the top! Different from other style faces.


The pointers on both speedometers were the aeroplane style and had a white/cream colour. Our pointers have the same size and style as original and are balanced!


The 1941-1947 plate has a domed glass, instead of the previous ones that had a flat one. Our domed glasses are hand made and have the right thickness and dome!


Rivets for the 41-46 plates should be black!


Prices 1941-1946


Silverplated black speedo plate 

$ 80

Speedo plate based on alu plate $ 30

Army plate

$ 30
Pointer white $ 25
Domed glass $ 20
Gasket set $   4
Chrome bezel 22
Parkerized bezel $ 22
Cad bezel $ 22
Rivets civilian nickel $   2
Rivet military brass or black $   2
Decal set $ 15







The 1947 plate is also silver plated, but the numbers, text and so on are not white/cream but look more silver.

After silver plating and printing they have the special “dot pattern” in the centre!

This pattern is printed, not done by spraying them!


We also have the pointer (the same style as the 41-46) in that “red” colour which matches the 47 speedo.


Rivets for the 47 plate should be chrome!


Plates are in miles and km!



Prices 1947


Silverplated speedo plate with printed dots $ 100
Speedo plate on alu base with printed dots   $   55
Pointer "red" $   25
Domed glass $   20
Gasket set

$     4

Chrome rivets  nickel  $    2
Decal set $   15