Speedo Repair Shop The Oldtimer

In the 70's The Oldtimer bought a lot of speedo's from the 40's and 50's. Some in good shape, some were bad. Many years they lied around.

Once in a while The Oldtimer took one apart and learned how Stewart and Warner put them together.

In 1998 he was lucky to buy the equipment of a former speedo repair shop. With this equipment he could magnetize, demagnetize, calibrate and so on.

He also had all kinds of tools made, collected old Stewart Warner manuals and other material  to make the job accurate and easier. With the help of these, the speedo's get a new life.

The Oldtimer started to make all kinds of speedo material, all of very high quality and as close as possible to original. Even more parts are to be made.

If you have any questions about speedometers, speedo repair, speedo parts or what so ever, just give us a mail


Our address is:

HD-Shop The Oldtimer
Hoofdweg 227
9765 CG   Paterswolde
Holland  (The Netherlands)

Phone:        0031 5030 96086

Fax:            0031 503096301

Our other site for vintage and new parts:     www.american-v-twin-shop.nl


" Harley's (and their speedo's) never die, they become Oldtimers"