To do a good speedometer job, you should have the right equipment.
We have the equipment: magnetizers, magnet tester, calibration machine, all kinds of hand tools and so on.

All these tools  make our work accurate !



On the picture below, at the left top corner is our equipment to give the magnet extra strengh or give it's strengh back.



Bezel tool.

To the left our bezel tool, this makes it easy for us to roll the bezel smoothly round the speedometer case.   

RPM equipment, some hand tools.

The calibration equipment helps us to check the right speed at several rpm's.

Calibration equipment

If we want, we can give the magnet more strengh. Sometimes it gets too much, with the equipment below we can bring the magnetism down and at the same time check pointer output.


On the left are some hand tools we have made for different kinds of speedo jobs. We copied these tools from our Stewart Warner Speedometer repair manual.


On the right our Stewart Warner magnet tester. This tester lets us know how much magnetism is in the magnet.


   Magnet tester.


More pictures coming!!