We have several speedo's from the years 1938 up to to sixties. Just ask!









It took us quite some time to find the material in the right thickness and even more time to find out how to get both ends to the right size. But we did it. It isn't an easy job to exchange the shaft, I had special tools made to do the job properly.

We can sell the shaft seperately and of course we can exchange the shaft for you.









Shaft $50
Shaft put in speedcup $50
Hairspring $20




For the wheels we have great decals, they are adhesive and the bottom colour is a bit creamy, which makes the wheels look not too new.


For the 1953 up speedo's we have decals in black and white, black and red.


For the 60's we also are preparing a set.




We have the decal cut in a special way so you hardly (you will have to do your best) can see where they come together.


To put on the decals is quite easy, very important is where to start. The number 7 has a special place.


It is also possible to have your old wheels exchanged for a complete redone set. Prices depend on quality of your own set.




Decals all types $ 15  


Case door



We just finished the case door. Shape and holes are just like original.




Door                                                $ 10  


Odometer and tripmeter


At this moment we are working on printing the wheels of the odo- and tripmeter. These wheels will only be sold in exchange of your own. The price will depend on the quality of the wheels you want to exchange. We also can make a complete set exchange.



Tripmeterknob and springs


We have a replacement for the worn tripmeterknob.

Also in stock are the reset spring and the snap ring for the knob.


In the picture below (right) you see our new shaft odometer reset (67044-68), which was used on speedometers from 1968 up. On the left is the reset shaft voor 62-67.












Odometer and tripmeter

On request

Tripmeterknob and spring set.  $ 20
Spring set   

Shaft odometer reset (67044-68)


Side Window


We also have the side window for the 1936-1947 speedometer. It's made out of the same material as original and should be fixed with brass rivets.





Side window  $
Rivets brass $